Texts are a super efficient way to communicate. They have a 98% Open Rate — 90% opened within 3 minutes. Starting at just $25/month with ZERO$ transaction fees. Try free for 30 days with no obligagtion.


Text Giving

Simple five-digit phone number 24-365 makes it easy to give (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).

Directs donors to your existing website donation page

Free sharing page so donors can share with friends.

Upload your contact lists to send a personalized text.

Reply to donors with a personal thank you.

Text DONATE to 24365 for a Rally demo.

Try risk-free. We’ll ask you a couple of questions and help you get started. It just takes a few minutes!



Simple 24365 number with multiple options to increase engagement

The options are limitless with Rally. Connect with people in the moment with a simple menu or autoresponder triggered by texting.

Return links to your website, receive donations, event RSVPs, videos, chat, online resources and FAQS, etc.

It’s as simple as sending and responding to a text — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.






Text Invitations and RSVP

RSVP to your event is as simple as sending a text.

Automatically send reminders or share website links and information as the event approaches.

Share a keyword on 24365 or add your contact list and send an invitation to reply and register.

Automatically prompts for the information you’d like to capture and walks registrants through your custom steps.

Keep the conversation going. Sign in to export data or chat directly before, during or after your event.




Mobile Engagement

Get the word out fast and connect with confidence.

Send highly customized and targeted messages.

Add your contact lists and build a custom message or script and easily review.

Send one-to-one or one-to-many, depending on your needs.

Respond directly to replies to continue the conversation or use an optional autoresponder to assist.

Add your contact lists and data fields from any spreadsheet to merge and build a custom message or script and rapidly review and send 1:1 for true P2P messaging.

The Rally Platform automatically handles Start, Stop, Subscribe, and Unsubscribe replies.


It’s simple; we’d love to show you.