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OptimalPS is expert in creating seamless payment acceptance across every channel. From virtual terminals and online payments to in-store POS’s and mobile payments we create a seamless customer experience allowing merchants to accept payments anywhere, anytime.

Our secure payment gateway connects to a wide-ranging line of plug and play tools to help you streamline operations. Our proprietary integrations help prevent charge-backs and fraud before they occur.


The effect of a security breach can be overwhelming. Our gateways exceeds PCI compliance requirements to provide merchants the highest level of protection and provide enterprise-level security. Using leading-edge security metrics and fraud prevention we remove all cardholder data from your scope of responsibility to ensure optimal protection.

Our numerous forms of firewall and multifaceted cloud encryption enable you to process and store credit card and transactional data outside of your system.  With real-time, cloud-based reporting, you can safely manage and analyze customer payment information at any time.


At OptimalPS we help companies prevent unnecessary downgrades by capturing and analyzing cardholder data as it comes into our system. The Interchange Optimizer performs the actions necessary to prevent downgrades and get the best rate possible. . Merchants are typically charged higher transaction fees because their processor lacks the expertise and technical know-how to ensure every transaction is appropriately charged.

Our leading-edge software collects and analyzes cardholder data as it comes into our system, then performs the required functions to prevent that transaction from being downgraded. This can save over ½% on interchange transaction fees.

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