QB Integration



Secure QB Plugin

Downloadable software integration that offers real-time, easy-to-use, and integrated credit card, check, and ACH payment processing within QuickBooks®. Payments are automatically posted to QuickBooks which eliminates manual reconciliation, saves time and reduces accounting errors.



Make a Single Payment

  • Apply payments to all open invoices for a customer job, single invoices, existing sales receipts and new sales receipts.
  • Make partial or over-payments with payment field you can edit. 
  • Save multiple payment forms for future payments (CC and ACH) unlimited per customer job.



Process Batch Payments

Filter based on date ranges, customer job, and payment types. Select customers to process as part of the batch. View processed batches. Download detailed CSV of each batch.


Process Returns & Voids

Select a specific transaction to process the return/void

Filter returns/voids based on customer job, invoice, and date range

Select items to process return/void

Process full return/void within SecureQB




View Payment History

The most recent payment history may be viewed in SecureQB payment history screen (customizable options available). Full Payment History may always be obtained through the merchant’s processing gateway.



System Requirements