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Credit Card – We offer two types of credit card pricing: Interchange Plus and Flat Rate
Optimal Giving is dedicated to bringing best-in-class solutions that are affordable and easy to use for Nonprofits of all sizes. Whatever your size or requirements we have payment processing pricing and solutions to meet your needs. “Interchange Plus” (Interchange + 0.25%, $0.10 per transaction) and a simple “Flat” rate (2.5% qualified, $0.10 per transaction). We don’t offer Tiered pricing because we think it deceptive by design. To include custom donation page software, see pricing below.

ACH – Just $0.26 for donations of any amount. 0% fees.
ACH (aka Direct Debit and Electronic Check) is by far your most cost-efficient way to process donations. There are no percentage fees. It is basically a bank to bank transfer and only costs $0.26 to process donations of any size. At Optimal Giving, we believe that all Nonprofits should offer both credit card and ACH as a donation options. Your donors will respect you for offering it and every time a donor chooses ACH, unnecessary credit card fees are avoided.

Custom Donation Pages – $20 Month // No Annual Contract // No Set-Up Fee
We also have additional tools and packages which can be added for custom fundraising pages and integration which empowers you to quickly and affordably create custom, secure online donation forms that embed seamlessly into your Website and Facebook pages. Personalized fundraising pages can include photos, goals and messages.

Below pricing includes credit card fees. ACH costs just $0.26 for donations of any amount. 0% fees.
Basic: 2.89% – design and create your own donation pages
Basic Plus: 2.89% + $100 for donation pages we create for you.
Premium: 3.25% – We create donation pages for your Website, Social Media, Galas, Peer to Peer, special      

Mobile Fundraising – Just $75 Month // No Annual Contract // No Set-Up Fee
Unlike most Mobile Messaging and Fundraising companies, our pricing can be structured various ways, starting as low as $75 per month, plus credit card and platform fees. We have packages for individual campaigns and can help you create and run campaigns for a one-time fee or on a percentage of funds raised basis. We also offer standard annual packages that give you access to all the tools you need to run campaigns throughout the year. Whatever your needs are, we can help you.