Optimal Payment Systems specializes in lowering overall credit card costs, streamlining accounting procedures and simplifying processes, using proven, integrated, cost-effective solutions.

At OPS, we look at more than the advertised “rates”, we scrutinize fee structures, unnecessary downgrades and other hidden fees. We also want to understand a company’s specific requirements and wants. Oftentimes, we can then recommend additional  cost-saving “better practices” and strategies that management may not be aware of.

Do you wonder if your business is paying more than it should for credit card processing?

When was the last time you reviewed your company’s payment processing costs and processes?

Do you have any issues or concerns with chargebacks, reconciliation or reporting?

Do you wonder if your processes and software could be more efficient, integrated and streamlined?

Are you concerned about compliance, security or fraud?

Consider this: $5,000 in new savings for an organization with a 5% pre-tax profit margin, is like adding $100,000 in new revenues. Also, reducing expenses may allow your organization to pursue and capitalize on opportunities that could not justified in the past.



Reducing Credit Card Fees

Credit card processing is by design, complicated and challenging to understand. Reducing credit card costs positively impacts profit margins, cash-flow and even the valuation of the company itself. Using a consultative approach, we help our clients better understand payment processing, reduce fees and simplify and streamline accounting procedures.

Several companies take a piece of the pie. Credit card companies and the banks that issue credit cards charge “interchange” fees, which are not negotiable and can’t be reduced. Processors confirm funds are available and make deposits into merchant accounts. Processors’ fees can often be reduced.

Optimal proudly represents most major processors. This allows to lower our clients’ fees without changing processors or provide the best processor for their needs.



Reducing Fees Using “Better Practices”

By lowering processing rates and incorporating “better-practices”, Optimal helps its clients lower their overall processing fees by as much as 50% or more.




ACH (Direct Debit or Electronic Check) eliminates unnecessary credit card fees by transferring funds directly from the customer’s bank account to yours for as little as $.30. ACH is ideal for any organization with recurring payments.



Interchange Optimization

Corporate and Business card rates are expensive. Adding transaction detail such as customer name, transaction amount, tax amount, transaction date, PO number, etc. can reduce fees by as much as 1%. This is known as interchange optimization and Level 2 and Level 3 Data. This is information many businesses collect anyway.

Free Assessment

For a free assessment to see how much your organization can save: click here



QuickBooks® Integration

We offer you real-time, easy-to-use, payment processing within QuickBooks®. Optimal’s Secure QB plugin improves efficiency, accuracy and consumer experience. This real-time QuickBooks®

plugin includes integrated credit card, check, and ACH processing and reduces accounting errors and eliminates a sync, manual reconciliation or double entry.



Check Scanning

Optimal’s Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solutions provide full process automation. You can quickly copy, record and deposit checks — saving both time and money.

Scans – Paper checks are transformed into electronic deposits

Deposits – Checks are securely presented as electronic deposits

Records – Check data and check images are stored for retrieval

Eliminates – Accounting errors are eliminated with submission reviews

Allows – Future research and retrieval of images, signatures, notes, etc.

Generates – Robust data reports, multiple delivery options



Virtual Terminal

Receiving payments via computer or over the phone is simple and convenient. You can easily set up both recurring and one-time only payments.



Mobile Card Readers

Take payments anywhere, anytime from your smart phone or tablet. PCI compliant card readers for swipe and EMV.



Invoicing Made Easy

Conveniently receive payments and send out automated reminders. Payments can be made via smart phone (credit card or ACH) simply by clicking on a link…and, your customers will immediately receive a receipt.



Multi-channel Convenience

Engage your customers in whatever way they prefer. Set up one-time and recurring billing and payments via text, email, online, kiosk, or on a phone call.



Collect or Send Payments from Anywhere

Eliminate check writing. You can now send or receive payments to or from your customers, employees or vendors right from your computer, smart phone or tablet.


Engage Though Text

Did you know that over 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes and have a 98% open rate? Texts are an efficient way to send reminders and receive payments and can even improve cashflow.


Virtual Wallet

Your customers’ virtual wallet lets them securely donate or make a payment without having to LOGIN. This allows them to quickly and conveniently make a payment – frustration free – in seconds! Our integrated payment system lets your customers have full control of their payments.


Other ways we can help:

The banks and credit card companies make money off of fees – lots of them. Many times, organizations are being penalized for a variety of reasons, including not batching on time, unnecessary downgrades and hidden fees. We help you identify, correct and avoid them. We’re here to help you with issues like reporting, analytics, reconciliation, security, charge-backs, customer service and integration. These things can be very frustrating, time consuming — and costly.


How else can we help you?

Whatever your pain-points or like-to-haves may be, chances are we can help you. We have a variety of integrated tools that are easy to implement and use. All we ask for is an hour of your time to understand your wants, needs and frustrations and to provide you with a free assessment click here