ACH / Direct Debit

At OPS, our objective is to help our clients eliminate unnecessary credit card fees and then reduce the rest.  One of the primary areas we assess is the potential utilization of the ACH network.

Adding an ACH (aka Direct Debit or E-Check) payment option makes sense for any organization with recurring payments, dues or subscriptions.  Instead of paying fees of 2 ½ – 3 ½% or more, you can process transactions, of any size, for less than the cost of a stamp. Direct Debit avoids costly processing fees because funds are withdrawn directly from a customer’s bank account.  Utility, phone, cable, loan, rental, health, gas stations and grocery stores all commonly offer, or may even require Direct Debit–including the IRS and DMV.

Utilizing ACH is safe and secure. Transactions are processed via Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.  The ACH network was created by the banking industry to securely and efficiently move money between financial institutions as Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT).


Online Payments – Enable swift payment acceptance on your website with secure Checkout

Requires no hardware or software

Mobile Payments – Take payments on-the-go

Virtual Terminal – Accept payments anytime with our robust cloud-based Virtual Terminal

Recurring Transactions – Put your billing on auto- pilot with our recurring transaction engine

Cloud Reporting – Keep real-time tabs on how your business is operating using our online and real- time reporting capabilities

Payment Tokenization – Keep your customer’s payment information secure and eliminate the risk, liability and costs of storing the information yourself

Fraud Prevention – Comprehensive tools including card authentication and address, identity and check verification

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