Optimal provides integrated payment processing and fundraising solutions to businesses, municipalities and nonprofits. Optimal has been built on the solid foundation of referrals from CPAs, Consultants, and, more importantly, our Clients.  We specialize in B2B, e-Commerce and Nonprofits. We have three brands: Optimal Payment Solutions, OptimalGiving and OptimalVE (Veteran Enterprises). We combine best-practices, transparent pricing and leading-edge technologies to help our clients have more, so they can do more.



At Optimal Payment Solutions, we believe most companies and municipalities are paying more than they should be for credit card processing. We typically lower our client’s overall payment processing costs by 25-50%, streamline workflow and increase security using transparent pricing, “better-practices” and leading-edge technology. We represent all the major credit card processing companies, which makes saving money quick and easy. There is no cost for an assessment. All we ask for is an hour of your time to allow and enable our team to identify potential savings for your organization and present them back to you.



OptimalGiving is passionate about helping Nonprofit organizations have more available funding to further their Mission and Cause. Combining affordable, mobile and web-based fundraising solutions with simple, secure, low-cost payment processing, we help Nonprofits raise more funds and keep more of what they raise. Our approach is simple: use best-in-class fundraising software to acquire new donors but process the rest of your donations and payments as cost-effectively as possible. That is our expertise and many times we can even integrate directly into your fundraising software – reducing all processing costs right away.




At Optimal Veteran Enterprises,  we are passionate about helping veteran-owned business enterprises, and non-profits serving the veteran community at large. Every service and solution Optimal offers is provided to veteran owned businesses and nonprofits that serve nonprofits at a discount.



Optimal clients aren’t just smart — they’re wise.  They aren’t “too” busy to make sure they’re doing something  as automated as payment processing as proficiently and economically as possible.  They understand that not doing so is a waste of both time and money and that it negatively impacts cash-flow, the bottom-line and the valuation of the company itself. Have you closely examined what your (or your client’s) organization is paying in processing fees each year and looked for ways to reduce those fees?


We realize that price may not always be the main concern. Issues with reporting, analytics, reconciliation, security, charge-backs, customer service and integration can be very frustrating, time consuming — and costly. Whatever your pain-points or like-to-haves may be, chances are we can help you. We have a variety of integrated tools that are easy to implement and use.  


Our goal is to lower each client’s overall payment processing costs by as much as 50%.  All we ask for is an hour of your time to allow and enable our team to identify potential savings for your organization and present them back to you. 


Below is a summary of some of our capabilities:


> Real-time Credit Card and ACH Processing


> Interchange Optimization which can save 30-70 basis points without changing processors


> Complete back office reporting and QuickBooks integration


> Processor agnostic – connected with all major processors and multiple gateways, which makes it quick and easy to reduce fees.


> Security that reduces PCI compliance risks and requirements 


> Easy to Use Virtual Terminals


> Recurring billing


> Multi-currency


> Check scanning and auto-deposit


> Bill Pay by email and text


> Advanced fraud and charge-back prevention


> Seamless software integration 


> 24/7 system monitoring and technical support


> 3D Secure/VBV




> Dedicated staff with decades of experience creating fiscal and operational efficiencies.


Thank you for visiting our website. Please let us know if you have any questions or we can provide you with additional information.



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